What We do

  • An award-winning range of traditional Cornish Pasties & Sausage Rolls (available frozen or freshly baked)
  • A selection ofCrafted Hot Chilli Sauces ranging from the mildly mysterious to mind-blowing insanity.
  • Locally made Artisan Italian Gelato & Farmhouse Ice Creamsbursting with flavour and authenticity.
  • A selection of imported British Supermarket Treatsto satisfy all cravings and curiosities.
  • Wholesale & Distribution opportunities.
  • Festivals / Events / Private Catering. (PastyWorld has it's own mobile catering outlet).
  • Other Services. If you have any other enquiries or are looking for something which falls outside of the above areas please let us know. We are happy to work together to explore any opportunities or ideas you may have.