Who We are

Starting in late 2016, PastyWorld passionately believes that the great Cornish Pasty experience should be easily available to be enjoyed by anybody, anytime & anywhere. Our philosophy is 'Taste. Tradition. Today.'

Based near Bergen, in the western region of Norway, we introduced freshly baked Traditional Cornish Pasties and Sausage Rolls into Norway from our mobile catering trailer at a range of festivals, locations & events across 2017. In mid-2018, we opened the first PastyWorld shop in Bergen sentrum and expanded our product range to include our other passions, speciality Chilli sauces, handmade local Gelato & Ice Cream and a variety of imported British shop products to please both the weary traveller and curious native.

All our Pasties & Sausage Rolls are freshly made by our carefully selected suppliers using traditional methods in the original homeland of the Cornish Pasty in Cornwall, England. As our products are freshly frozen at production ready for their journey to Norway their traditional home-made taste screams of authenticity.

We are proud to offer something new, exciting and ultimately delicious in Norway and we are continually looking for new opportunities to share our unique food experiences with anybody, anywhere, anytime.