Bigfat's Bazaar Magic Harissa Style

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Heat level: 7/10
In the bustling markets of North Africa, where harissa was born, one can chance upon most anything at the right bazaar - exotic spices, flying carpets or maybe even a magic lamp. But around every mystical corner the epic fury of the Carolina Reaper creeps, to become one with this delicious potion, full of flavors so enchanting, it’ll put a spell on you.
Goes great with Pizza, chicken wings, steak, buffalo, pork, seafood, lamb, venison, sandwiches, couscous, rice dishes, Moroccan, Indian, and Thai cuisine, grilled cheese, potatoes and more.
Ingredients: Water, onion, tomato, distilled vinegar, habanero mash (habaneros, vinegar), lemon juice, garlic, parsley, coriander, caraway, pecan smoked Carolina Reaper powder, sea salt, tamarind extract, cumin, rosemary, fennel seed powder, rosehip powder & black pepper.
Size: 148ml