10 Minute Burn BANNED

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Heat level: 11/10
10 Minute Burn BANNED Chilli Sauce
The UK's Chilli Pepper Company's best selling sauce '10 Minute Burn' initially had to be removed from sale at four Chilli Festivals for being too HOT after a number of customers who tried it suffered hallucinations and what was described as “an episode” and ended up rolling around on the grass in pain.
Although many who tried it, found it the most extreme thing they have ever tasted and happily bought it, the organisers at the various shows were instructed by their health and safety and PR advisers to have the sauce removed from sale and ban it from from the shows.
These days this sauces incredible heat is superseeded by other ultra hots but this still delivers a punch that will floor any human dumb enough to not understand the label.
If you're still keen on trying this afer reading the above then you are in for a sensationa,l and even a little bit tasty, experience.
Ingredients: Fresh naga bhut jolokia, pineapple juice, vinegar, lemon juice, tomatoes, mango, molasses, 7.3 million chilli extract, celery, herbs, spices
Size: 30ml